Modern vip apartment in Chisinau

Apartment, Chișinău - Botanica, 6/1 Decebal str.

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Property type
Number of floors
Elevator in building
Type of building
New building 
65  m²
If you have additional questions, feel free to ask

The apartment is fully furnished with appliances of the highest performance.
Refrigerators, TVs , microwave cuptoar , WiFi , dishes, towels , bed linen .
Soap, shampoo , toothbrushes single use !
You do not need to stay in the hotel .
Enjoy every day in our apartments !
Check-in time
from 14:00  to  20:00 hours
Check-out time
until 12:00 hours
Guarantee deposit
100 €  be payed on arrival and be refunded on departure
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I have got some very simple rules I want my guests to follow:
1. Smoking is NOT permitted inside the apartment.
2. According to local legislation, it should be quiet from 22.00 pm to 08.00 am. Strictly no parties inside, no loud music and no large gatherings!!!
3. Make sure you lock the entrance door with a key and the balcony door, each time you leave the apartment.
4. Make sure you switch off the gas burner and the electric oven, each time you are through with cooking.
5. Think "Green" :) When leaving the apartment for a tour outside, close the air-conditioner, close the lights, do not leave fire or gas open and make sure the water is not left running in the kitchen or the bathroom.
6. Please keep the fridge door closed. sometimes it looks like closed but its not.
7. No pets allowed!
8. Please note that for stays over a week the cleaning fee is charged weekly.
9. Do not rearrange the furniture.
10. A security deposit of 100 EURO
11. Appropriate reimbursement will be expected for any permanent damage to any furniture or personal belongings.
12. Do not use our white towels as makeup remover or floor wipes.
13. If you feel romantic and want to light candles, please do it only on glass plates. This is to avoid fire and wax spill (wax is very hard to clean).
14. Check-in and check-out time may be flexible upon request.
Thanks for going through all these rules and hope you will enjoy your stay at my apartment
15.Transfer Airport-apartment 15 euro

If you have additional questions, feel free to ask
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50 € per night
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